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The Online Store is open

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After much time, effort, trouble-shooting and glitch-correcting, some of Duck’s arrangements are now available for download from this website via the Online Store. The arrangements are in Adobe… Continue reading

Private Lessons

Fingerstyle guitar legend Duck Baker is offering

private lessons via Skype 


(instruction is offered in Italian as well as in English)
duck0006Among the most highly regarded American fingerstyle guitarists of his generation, Duck has been a significant influence in many different musical camps, from traditional Irish music to American old time country, blues, ragtime, and gospel, to almost every style of jazz from swing to modern to free improvisation. Unfortunately, health problems have curtailed his touring activities, though he remains very active composing and arranging, both for solo guitar and the jazz trio and quartet he still works with in London. He also has more time for teaching, and the wonders of modern technology make it easy to do this online. 

Workshops in Reading

Duck has decided to offer workshops in his hometown of Reading.
Several kinds of workshops are envisioned, from small-group one day sessions with a tighter focus to slightly larger weekend workshops.

For more details see the WORKSHOPS page



New CDs

2 New Cds:

  Amnesia in Trastevere – Duck Baker Trio

  Duck Baker /Dakota Dave Hull – When you ask a girl to leave her happy home

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