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Kicking Mule KM 154 (1977)

Sonet SNKF 143 (1978)

featuring Dave Evans, Duck Baker, Jim McLennan & Leo Wijnkamp Jr.


The album was originally released in 1975

A CD version was made available in 2008 through Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop (SGGW105)



Duck plays 5 tracks on this album:


1. Silver Bells Duck Baker

2. Jessica Dave Evans
3. Flopped Ear Mule Leo Wijnkamp Jr.

4. Walking My Baby Back Home Duck Baker

5. Dickie’s Blues No. 2 Jim McLennan
6. Cold Feet Dave Evans
7. The Chrysanthemum Jim McLennan
8. Grey Hills Dave Evans

9. Mardi Gras Dance Duck Baker

10. The Elephant March Leo Wijnkamp Jr.

11. Fisher’s Hornpipe Duck Baker

12. Ugly Duckling Dave Evans
13. The Easy Winners Jim McLennan

14. Charles O’Connor Duck Baker

15. Jolymont Dave Evans