American Fingerstyle Guitarist

Duos and Trios

Paul Bunyan (with Leo Kottke) Windham Hill Records 1990
American Traditional (with Molly Andrews) Day Job Records 1993
The Moving Business (with Molly Andrews) Day Job Records 1994
Northern Skies, Southern Blues Shanachie Records 1997
The Fairy Queen (with Kieran Fahy) Day Job Records 1999
Out of the Past (with Jamie Findlay) Day Job Records 2001
The Expatriate Game Day Job Records 2005
The Waltz Lesson (Duck Baker Trio) Les Cousins 2009
The Ducks Palace (Duos and Trios) Incus Records 2009
Amnesia In Trastevere (Duck Baker Trio) Les Cousins 2011
When You Ask a Girl To Leave Her Happy Home
(Duck Baker / Dakota Dave Hull)
Arabica 2011
Deja Vouty (Duck Baker Trio) Fulica records 2016
Shades Of Blue Fulica records 2016