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The Expatriate GameThe CD with The Expatriate Game is now available.

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We are in the process of making things easier for people who want to buy Duck’s books and records online. This is complicated by the fact that these recordings have been released in four different countries by many different companies. Some of the American releases are now sold at the CD Baby website, including the new release “Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans.”

Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans

This project has been in the works for year. In fact, it had already been basically finished before Hurricane Katrina devastated the birthplace of jazz. It is devoted to swing, early jazz, and related styles, and features duos with Hawaiian steel guitarist/ukulele master Ken Emerson and with acoustic jazz guitar ace Will Bernard.

Other titles available from CD Baby:

Out of the Past – duets with monster jazz guitarist Jamie Findlay

mp3 download

My Heart Belongs To Jenny – Solo fingerstyle arrangments of Irish traditional tunes

mp3 download

The Salutation – the collection of beautiful and unusual Christmas tunes recorded in 1986. Duck has often named this as his favorite among his solo recordings

mp3 download

The Fairy QueenKieran Fahy and Duck Baker

European customers will have to pay higher shipping costs if they purchase from this Oregon-based outlet. One the other hand, they will have an advantage when it comes to the four CD’s that Duck recorded for Peter Finger’s Acoustic Musiclabel in West Germany. These titles are “A Thousand Words,” “The Clear Blue Sky,” “Ms. Right” and “Opening the Eyes of Love.” Much of Duck’s most important work, particularly as a composer, is represented by these titles. Also available are music/tablature books for each record.

Acoustic Music Records

Anyone having trouble locating any recordings can always send a note to this site, though some titles, notably the two collaborations with Molly Andrews, are out of print and unavailable.