American Fingerstyle Guitarist

About Duck’s Writings

Duck’s name has actually been known for longer as a writer than as a musician. He wrote some satirical pieces and record reviews for an underground paper in Richmond, Virginia called The Sunflower in the 60’s and graduated to the Canadian jazz magazine, Coda, widely regarded as the most serious jazz journal in North America, in 1969. He continued writing for Coda in the 70’s, covering the San Francisco scene and contributing record reviews, and over the years his work has appeared in a wide variety of publications, including Jazz Times, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Player, Fingerstyle Guitar, Acoustic Musician, Dirty Linen, Old Time Music, Fiddler, The Berkeley Barb, The East Bay Express, and Listener.

Duck has also written liner notes for an equally divergent roster of musicians, from various fingerpicking guitarists to the Fisk Jubilee Singers and Reverend Gary Davis to the Savoy-Doucet Band to Bud Powell. Most of the liners to Duck’s records are his own work, and many of his books feature well-researched pieces about the kinds of music he arranges for guitar. We thought it would be fun to include a few samples of Duck’s prose here. The magazines that run his work most regularly at this point are Coda, Dirty Linen, Fiddler, Acoustic Guitar, and Jazz Times, in case anyone wants to check out more of the Mallard’s musings.