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London-area people, I'm returning to the Vortex Jazz club in Dalston next week, along with Alex Ward, John Edwards, and Steve Noble, and hope to see some of you there. Please help us get the word out if you know anyone in the area who likes edgy, contemporary jazz:
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Here's another video of me playing at The Stone in NYC in October, shot by Scott Friedlander with sound recording by Ben Young and Joe Lizzi. Since this one is always fun for me and I've played it for over 50 years, there are other versions on Youtube, but they are a little more polite. :-)
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I'm happy to say that Scott Friedlander has started uploading some videos he shot when I played at The Stone in October. These are the first new high-quality videos of moi in performance and many years, and the only ones where I'm wearing my "contemporary" hat (yes, I know it LOOKS like the hat I always wear, but it doesn't SOUND the same). This is the only arrangement I've ever made that involves no specific fingerings, BTW, just a simple melody and a bass line that has a very obvious logic (to musicians):
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I am concluding a deal with Stefan Grossman by which I am regaining the rights to most of my old Kicking Mule records. Everything except for The Art of Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar and the tracks that came out on anthologies, because at this time all those things have been licensed to Shanachie and are available in their catalog. The titles I’m getting control of are my first, second, third and fifth records, plus a cassette that came out in the 1980’s, made up of unissued tracks from early KM sessions plus a live recording from 1976:

There’s Something for Everyone in America
When You Wore a Tulip
The King of Bongo Bong
The Kid on the Mountain
Both Sides (cassette)

Part of the deal was to buy out the remaining copies of the 3 CD reissues that have been in the Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop catalog, so I will be offering those for sale on my website later in the year, once I figure out a cheap way to get some copies over to England. I will also be organizing a CD release for When You Wore a Tulip and some sort of way to reissue what was on the Both Sides cassette.

The first step will be offering digital downloads of the 3 titles already on CD, and that will begin with my first record, There’s Something for Everyone in America, which should be available sometime next week. I will let everyone know when that happens, as well as when I get the digital versions of The King of Bongo Bong and The Kid on the Mountain ready to go.
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You must have been a collicky baby
You must have been a terrible child
When you were only teethin’, you were a very heathen
I bet you drove your mom and dad wild
And when it came to throwing a tantrum
You must have shown the other kids how
I can hear the neighbors shout as you broke their windows out
I bet you made them want to leave town
Oh you must've been a colicky baby
'Cause baby listen to you now

(With apologies to Harry Warren and Johnny Mercer)
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