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    Howdy, Duck

    I am in immanent danger. I missed seeing your performance in the B.A., and we have this Cultural Death Squad up here in Berry Creek. This is a deadly serious branch of our local militia and they don’t accept excuses (I forgot!). Unless you grant me a full pardon they’re sure to kill me or tell Michael.

    On the other hand (the one without the broken thumb) maybe I’ll see you in Napa. I sure hope so. My best, Reynold

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    Hi Duck. Looking forward to your show at the London South Bank on 15th Feb. Hoping to pick up a few tips. I hope you don’t mind me trying to steal a few licks.


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    Duck … ole buddy. how you been doing.. Long time since out Leesburg days. Steph and I are in Phlia now.. I still play that blasted flamenco guitar you got me hooked on. My technique is still good ….. but hell if I can get that alternating thumb thing to work for me….

    Let me know if your in the Phlia area…


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    As much as I enjoy your music, I also enjoyed your essays on Traditional and “Celtic” music.

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    Thanks for a great workshop. It was great to be able to hang out and learn from a player I’ve been listening to for years. One of the very first songs I learned years ago was your arrangement of “The Duke of Fife’s Welcome to Deeside”. I really liked the way you tied in a music history lesson with everything you taught. You showed a respect for the art that’s not seen very much.

    Thank You,
    John P

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    Duck…just a belated thank you for a wonderful evening at The Bop Shop in Rochester, NY…raconteur, bon-vivant, hail-fellow-well-met, all-round good guy…and a truly superior musician.
    June and I love your Christmas CD, by the way!
    I hope to enjoy another evening like that somewhere, sometime soon…
    all the best,

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    I have your first ever album, and I’ve still got the tab book that came with it. I’d forgotten all about your wonderful playing until I went into Guitar works in Reading to buy a guitar with the intention of reliving some of my lost youth. One of the guys in there mentioned your name as a local guitar teacher and it all came flooding back. I’ve not played guitar for about 10 years and I shall certainly be dipping into that Something For Everyone in America tab book while I get my fingers working again. It’s just a pity I don’t have an old-fashioned record player any more.

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    I ‘ve enjoyed your style of pickin’ for years. I am a long-time gospel guitar player

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