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  • Glad I finally found the proper site.

  • I remember you from the Kicking Mule days at Ed Densons house I recorded on the Tribute to John Fahey album with them. Been still writing and playing–have many original fingerpicking tunes…. Best to you

  • Wow! Having heard you playing some old Scottish laments and Irish airs on an ancient tape I picked up somewhere, I never knew you live here in England! I’m hoping you’ll be doing some gigs soon (I live in the South West – not too far from Reading). I might even pluck up courage and ask about one of your teaching weekends…..
    Great to contact you – cheers!
    P.S. Can you explain why there is a National Reading Week each year – I mean, how many Readings are there!

    • Excuse the slow response. As to why there is a Reading Week, I have no idea; most people see all they want of the place it the time a train for someplace nice to Paddington stops in the station.

      Don’t forget I also to private tuition and Skype lessons!

  • Hi. I discovered some of your records years ago( when they were records) and loved them and later on got some of your instructional stuff which I also love , and it has helped improve my own guitar playing, many thanks. While I’m at it is it possible to get When you wore a tulip on CD. I had it many years ago but lost it, and would love to get it again. Thanks again.

  • Where can I find the music Tab for the piece Soureba, It doesn’t appear in any of your music that I have.
    Thanks Brian

  • where can i find the tab to soureba
    Great arrangement

  • I just heard you for the first time on Songza, which is amazing to me. Very nice music, thank you!

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