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  • Hi Duck. I took lessons from you in Leesburg, VA during early 90s. I still have your book of arrangements, still enjoy playing, and still benefit from all I learned from you.

    Hope you are well, just wanted to say hello!

    Ron Lucas

    • I do remember you Ron, and I’m glad to hear that you are still playing the things I showed you. :-)

      • Hey Duck, back in Leesburg, you taught me Sweet Georgia Brown. I’ve lost the sheet music/tab somewhere along the line. Is there any way I can access/purchase a copy? Hope you are well…

  • great pickin..keep it up.

  • Hi Duck!
    I first got turned on to your music way back when Kicking Mule was the only real choice for good tab! I plowed my way through your fiddle tunes and never looked back! I still review this material on a regular basis. I think you are just great! Every year I relearn music from the Salutations Album! Thank you for your inspiration!

  • Nice work, I found you on one of my fingerstyle Pandora stations. I’m deciding which of your books to get first.

    Thanks for your inspiration,

  • I think I’ll quite greedily buy and study at least your – signed – ‘Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar’ after the workshop you’ll hold in Milan, on Nov. 7, organized by Simone Val Bonetti, which I’ll take part in.
    Why that “Duck”?
    Sei, oltre che davvero bravo, anche molto autenticamente simpatico e credo anche buon insegnante.
    Non parleremo milanese, io e Simone, tranquillo ;o)…

  • I love your playing! I’m might be interested in some of your tabs but would like to hear them to decide whether I’m interested in purchasing the song, don’t really just want to pick a name of a song at random that I’m not familiar with. Why not offer the sound file (or at least a trimmed part from the beginning of it) as a free sample?

    • Hi Mike, One or two people have asked this, but the problem is that my health is not great and I have very limited energy, and would prefer using that to write out a few more arrangements or work on other projects. Frankly, when I started posting the arrangements it was because people who had bought my records were asking about them, and then I decided to include some other things I was writing out for various reasons. My performances of many of the tunes are available in some format or other, and many can be seen or heard on youtube. I also am trying to get mp3’s of various live performances up on the site, and I’m hoping to get a CD or 2 released this year that will also have some of the same tunes that I have written out. But if you just want to hear things right away, I suggest searching on youtube, or, better yet, buying a couple of CD’s! :-)

  • I heard your album of Herbie Nichols and was intrigued by it.As a guitarist I see how good you are.Best Wishes Duck.David.

  • hi duck. just found your web site. glad your still picking. im still in arkansas. come visit. your old pal roscoe

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