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    Hi Duck

    Looking forward to this armada of goodies.

    Best wishes


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    Just dug out an album ‘Kid on the Mountain’ which you signed sometime way back (80’s/90’s?) at a concert in Glenfinnan House Hotel. I remember it was a great night but can’t remember who you shared the double bill with? You signed the album- all the best ‘Tchumbley’ – my nickname- and you commented ‘ what sort of a name is that?’ to which I replied ‘What sort of a name is Duck?’ Good times. All the best through these hard times.

    • Duck Baker

      Goodness, what an amazing night that was, honestly one of the most memorable gigs I ever played! And not just the gig itself but the mad bash afterwards and the whole visit at the Hotel, through to Charlie cooking us a big breakfast the next day and playing tunes on his fiddle while we ate. By “we” I mean John Renbourn and myself. I do even remember the exchange involving our nicknames, now that you have reminded me. This was the last gig John and I ever played together in Scotland, and we barely survived that tour – I think we must have been determined to sample every malt made in the Highlands! And it would have been right around 1990, maybe a year on either side of that.

      Thanks for the memory!

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    Howdy Duck!

    I have GOT to tell you I accidentally bought one of your records thinking it was something else, but holy cow am I glad that it is what it is! I snagged the Les blues du Richmond demos & outtakes album and Every. Single. Song. is exactly what I want to hear. Fantastic! So here I am sending greetings and a big thank you from good ol’ Hiram, Georgia

    • Duck Baker

      Thanks for the kind words, Kyndall, and please excuse the slow reply. Things have gotten kind of fraught over here, and everywhere else including where you are, I imagine.

      Take care of yourself and hang in there!

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