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After having to discontinue workshops for a couple of years owing to a situation with neighbours, Duck is once again able to offer workshops in his hometown of Reading. Admittedly not a beautiful destination, but at least it’s not hard to get to (no place in the country is better served by trains, outside of London), and the savings of Duck being able to stay at home will be passed on to the students.
Several kinds of workshops are envisioned, from small-group one day sessions with a tighter focus to slightly larger weekend workshops. The prices may vary depending on several factors, but to start with the price for one-day workshops will be £135, while two-day sessions will be £200. This is considerably less than the cost of workshops with other fingerstyle guitarists of comparable reuptation, so we are anticipating a good response.
The timing will basically depend on when enough students raise their hands and say they are ready to start, since the necessity of securing a big location months ahead of time has been eliminated. At the moment there is some interest in one or two one-day sessions in September. These would be small-group sessions, from 3 – 5 students. So do get in touch soon if you are interested. At the moment a seminar for the last weekend of September (the 29th and 30th) is fixed and almost fully booked. It will focus of blues, gospel, and a bit of ragtime.
In any case, any student who has interest in either a one or two-day workshop should contact us here, and indicate the general time periods that might suit them as well as the styles they are interested in covering. A list of styles that can be covered is given below, the aim of which is to give as many as possible the different categories and sub-categories Duck has covered in his teaching. But one needn’t feel one has to respond to them all, only to use them as guides by which compatible groups can be put together. If someone is NOT interested in any general subject it would be good to indicate that much as well. The more information we have, the better we can organize things to everyone’s satisfaction.
Hope to hear from you soon!
1) Blues, Gospel
a) repertoire (specific arrangements)
b) ideas for making arrangements, and perhaps a LITTLE practical theory to help
c) improvisation, either single-note lines or with bass accompaniment (alternating  bass or drone bass)
2) Ragtime
a) repertoire
b) arranging ragtime and similar tunes
3) Swing Jazz
a) repertoire
b) arranging swing tunes
c) improvisation, either single-note lines or with bass accompaniment (alternating  bass or half-note bass lines)
d) swing chording; how to make the chord shapes we need for these tunes and how to  use them.
4) Modern Jazz
a) repertoire
b) arranging jazz tunes
c) improvisation, either single-note lines or with half-note bass accompaniment
d) modern jazz chording; augmenting our vocabulary form swing chords to more  modern voicings, and understanding some of the ways we can use substitutions.
5) Irish, Scottish, American and other traditional tunes
a) repertoire (specific arrangements)
b) ideas for arranging traditional tunes


6) Composing (students interested in this should indicate whether there is a particular style they are attracted to)
7) Beginning level fingerstyle, open to all guitarists who know how to strum chords.
8) Beginning intermediate fingerstyle, open to guitarists who have done some pattern picking or used their fingers a little, or who are already fairly proficient enough at another guitar discipline that starting with absolute basic right-hand technique is not necessary.
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