American Fingerstyle Guitarist

Jazz by Jazz Composers

From Scott Joplin to Ornette Coleman:

Jazz by Jazz Composers


Performed on solo guitar by Duck Baker


One of the most highly regarded guitarists of his generation, Duck Baker has made some 20 recordings under his own name and appeared on another 30. These have included performances in virtually every style of jazz, from ragtime solos to small group swing and modern jazz to free improvisation.

In this program Baker features pieces written by jazz composers (as opposed to songwriters like Gershwin, Porter, etc.), and trace the way the music developed during the last century. Baker’s rare ability to improvise a melody while maintaining an independent bass line will be on display, as well as his own compositional skills. The program will also feature pieces by New Orleans great Jelly Roll Morton, swing-era figures like Duke Ellington, Sy Oliver and Edgar Sampson, and such modernists as Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins and John Coltrane.

A veteran performer in club as well as concert settings, Baker is known for his engaging presentation style, which combines an ability to entertain non-jazz audiences with a deep understanding of the music’s history.

“He can go from the Mississippi Delta to the rings of Saturn”

The Village Voice