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New sheet music sale!

For reasons that are mostly to do with chance, I am almost doubling the number of sheet music downloads on my website. I am adding 5 Swing Tune arrangements to the 11 that were there already, and also uploading 10 Modern Jazz arrangements, a new category. Since many people order more than one arrangement at a time, it seemed like a good idea to have a bit of a sale to promote these “new” arrangements, though they are only new in the sense of having been written out recently using the Sibelius program. Most of them have been in my repertoire for many years. During the sale, you can get all five swing tunes for £10 (a savings of £5), and all ten modern tunes for £20 (a savings of £10). In addition to a PDF ot the music and guitar tablature for each tune, there is an mp3 of a midi playing the tune, exactly as written. The offer for these two bundles of arrangements will last until about the end of August, after which they will only be available individually at the usual £3 price.

The swing tunes are:

If Someone Would Only Love Me
I’m In Love All Over Again
Old Fashioned Love
Sweet Lorraine

And the modern jazz tunes are:

Giant Steps
In Walked Bud
One For Myrtle
Out Of The Past
Straight, No Chaser
St. Thomas
The Happenings

Click here to get to the page where you can download either or both of these bundles: