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Duck Baker is in the process of writing out a substantial part of his vast repertoire, and will be sharing as much as possible here for sale. The price per piece will vary according to the format. Some of the tunes have been written out in music and tab with a Sibelius program, and these come with a slowed-down midi recording that will give an indication of exactly how the arrangement should sound (in a few cases the midi really doesn’t work, so a very slow guitar run-through will be used). The price for these will be £3, which work out to about €4, or $5 per tune, but PayPal only allows one currency to be used, so pounds it is.

Please note that the swing and jazz arrangements are just that – arrangements. These PDF’s are typically a couple of pages long (the tune descriptions will indicate how long each one is), and only reflect how the tunes themselves are to be played, not the improvisations or variations typical of performance for the swing and jazz tunes. That part of it would be a deeper study. Students who do want to get into depth should remember that Duck is available for Skype lessons, and can offer reduced rates for those who purchase significant numbers of downloads.

If anyone is wondering about the level of difficulty of the swing and jazz tunes, they represent the repertoire of a working musician and were not designed for teaching beginners and intermediate students. Some familiarity with fingerpicking is certainly necessary, but for players who are comfortable with any sort of ragtime playing, playing the swing and jazz arrangements here will certainly be within reach.

At some point we will offer pieces that have been scanned either from old tab books, music books, or magazines, which will be sold for half the price of the better quality Sibelius scores. These will NOT include any MP3. At some point, some rougher copies done with pencil on tab or music/tab paper may be added at bargain basement rates. So if anyone has requests for Duck Baker tunes or arrangements that are not available here, please let us know. The idea is that more and more tunes will be added in the months and years to come.

PLEASE NOTE: Mr. Baker is finding it necessary to cut back on public performances and will be increasing dependent on website sales and Skype lessons, so please do NOT spread these arrangements around, especially online! Teachers who want to use them, please consider finding a way to get students to make a contribution. Thanks!

The main idea is going to be to make available arrangements that haven’t been available before, either in TAB books that came with records or with Duck’s many tutorial books, DVD’s, etc. But some of those pieces will be here, too.

These arrangements are now available, and more are on the way!


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Beginner – Intermediate Arrangements

Basic patterns  Price £3  
Freight Train  Price £3  
The Wreck of Old 97  Price £3  
Grandfather’s Clock  Price £3  
Hard Times  Price £3  
Holding Pattern  Price £3  
Battle Cry of Freedom  Price £3  

Swing Tunes

Buddy Bolden’s Blues  Price £3  
Doing the New Lowdown  Price £3  
Way Down Yonder in New Orleans  Price £3  
When I Grow Too Old To Dream  Price £3  
Idaho  Price £3  
Limehouse Blues  Price £3  
It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing  Price £3  
Makin’ Whoopie  Price £3  
Walkin’ My Baby Back Home  Price £3  
I’ll See You In My Dreams  Price £3  
For Dancers Only  Price £3  

Swing Tunes II

If Someone Would Only Love Me  Price £3  
I’m In Love All Over Again  Price £3  
Old Fashioned Love  Price £3  
Susie  Price £3  
Sweet Lorraine  Price £3  

Modern Jazz Arrangements

Giant Steps  Price £3  
In Walked Bud  Price £3  
Jackie-ing  Price £3  
One For Myrtle  Price £3  
Out Of The Past  Price £3  
Peace  Price £3  
Souareba  Price £3  
Straight, No Chaser  Price £3  
St. Thomas  Price £3  
The Happenings  Price £3  

Swing Tunes III

I Found A New Baby  Price £4  
Where The Morning Glories Grow Price £4  
Honeysuckle Rose Price £4  
Sweet Georgia Brown Price £4  
Jitterbug Waltz Price £4  
Swing Tunes III – Bundle (All 5) Bundle Price £15  

Modern Jazz II

Misterioso Price £4  
Like Someone In Love Price £4  
Someday My Prince Will Come Price £4  
Sweet And Lovely Price £4  
The Third World Price £4  
Modern Jazz II – Bundle (All 5) Bundle Price £15  

Swing Tunes IV

Blue Skies Price £4  
Charleston Price £4  
Mr. Jelly Roll Soul Price £4  
The You And Me That Used To Be Price £4  
There’ll Be Some Changes Made Price £4  
Swing Tunes IV – Bundle (All 5) Bundle Price £15  

Fiddle Tune Waltzes

Kit’s Waltz Price £4  
Midnight On The Water Price £4  
Lonesome Moonlight Waltz Price £4  
Fiddle Tune Waltzes – Bundle (All 3) Bundle Price £10  

Modern Jazz III
Thelonius Monk and Herbie Nichols

Bemsha Swing Price £4  
Light Blue Price £4  
Round About Midnight Price £4  
Portrait Of Ucha Price £4  
2300 Skiddoo Price £4  
Bundle (All 5) Bundle Price £15  






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