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Please help Duck Baker get his new record label up and running

Indiegogo crowdfunding to help get Duck Baker’s new Fulica label up and running.
Duck has started a new record label to help get his music out there, and the Indiegogo campaign is helping with this. If you have not already done so, please follow the link below and have a look at the Indiegogo link: “3 new Duck Baker CDs.” 

There are several ways to help: 
1. By purchasing either the new CDs (or downloads of them) or any of the other things on offer, from older CDs to guitar lessons to house concerts. Please take a look at all the “perks” and note that things can delivered well before Christmas (and Duck’s recording of seasonal music, The Salutation, is one the many items being offered).
2. Spread the word to anyone who might be interested, especially via Facebook and other social media. Getting out the word is what really makes crowdfunding projects like this achieve lift-off.
3. You can also make a direct donation in any amount you like here, via PayPal, either in your own name or anonymously:

One can donate at the Indiegogo site, as well, by clicking the “Back It” button and then making a contribution rather than purchasing from the “perks” section.

Thanks so much for your help and support!
Here’s the link with all the details —>