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0020 – Holding Pattern

Sheet Music - PDF Download + MP3

This 24-bar blues was written on a spring evening of 1977, in Lexington, KY, while stopping over with friends en route from New Orleans to Minneapolis. It was conceived as sort of a rhythmic etude that gets into the relationship between 3/4 and 6/8, that can been seen in bars 17-20. Though these are written in 3/4 here, the pattern used is really a 6/8 pattern, but the fact that it is played in swing rhythm means that the 3/4 pulse is maintained. It should be stressed that the last measure utlizes the same pattern but is played in straight time.

In performance there is improvisation in 3/4 and even in 4/4, for good measure, as can be heard on the recording of the piece that appeared on "Opening the Eyes of Love." But the basic pattern is useful on its own for beginner/intermediate students, both for the rhythmic part and even more for getting used to right hand techniques where the index, middle, and ring fingers don't all play strings that are right next to one another.

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