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0042 – The Wreck of Old 97

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Title: The Wreck of Old 97, 2 pages, intermediate level

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This famous song is one of the real classics of early Country music. When I was younger, I always wondered how a song that described such an awful tragedy could have such a happy melody. But that was before I ever saw Danville, Virginia; after I did I figured that the train wreck was probably one of the nicer things that ever happened there.

In any case I played this one quite a lot in my early years, and really enjoyed improvising on its basic, 3-chord progression. I also used to use the variation here (which is a direct application of one of the patterns in the “Basic Patterns” PDF on this page) as a warm-up exercise. And I recorded it on my first record, There’s Something For Everyone in America, back in 1975.


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