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Kit’s Waltz

Sheet Music, PDF Download, 2 1/4 pages, advanced level
MP3 is included with purchase

This gorgeous tune was written by singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Tim O’Brien and named for his wife, when both of them were around 20 years old. Duck learned it when he was seeing a lot of Tim and Kit in the mid to late 1970s. He recorded his solo version for Kicking Mule records at the time but it was not released until 1987 when Stefan Grossman released a limited-edition cassette called Both Sides. Baker recorded another version for the 2017 record The Preacher’s Son, and eventually the original version was released on a collection of early recordings called Plymouth Rock in 2019. When transcribing the piece, Duck Baker decided to notate the solo he improvised on the original recording, and since the transcription follows that version so closely it made sense to include an mp3 of that track, rather than a midi version.

This is played in the key of C and involves positions near the beginning the feature a considerable stretch, since the middle G note features in both the melody and the bass line; playing the note on different strings helps to separate the voices in the listener’s ear. Using a capo on the second fret or even higher can make the stretches easier. The B section is also a challenge for students not used to to playing arrangements that feature three voices (melody, bass, and middle).

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