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Lonesome Moonlight Waltz

Sheet Music, PDF Download, 3 pages, advanced level
MP3 guide track is included with purchase

Duck Baker recorded a duo version of this with Dave Hull on their 2011 record When You Ask A Girl To Leave Her Happy Home, though that arrangement depended on both guitarists playing different harmony parts, and Duck used a high-strung piccolo guitar in standard tuning. Dave played the melody for the B part, and in the course of arranging that section for solo guitar, Baker decided that drop-D made more sense, and was able to transpose his own part for the A section with minimal changes. Since there is no recording of him playing this solo, we are including the midi version generated by Sibelius.

“Lonesome Moonlight” was written by Bill Monroe, so it is hardly surprisng that it is a standard tune in the bluegrass world. Daddy Bill first recorded it in 1964, and his longtime fiddler Kenny Baker waxed one of the most memorable versions a decade later, with Monroe on mandolin.

This is an advanced arrangement, and it takes time to get the notes to ring out clearly, especially on the passages fretted up the neck, but it’s worth a bit of trouble to get a tune this pretty to sound as nice as it can on the instrument.

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