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One For Myrtle

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Tina Brooks was one of a dozen of so tenor players from the hard-bop era who were a step or two behind John Coltrane and Sonny Rollins, and who all seem to get short shrift. Even within this under-appreciated group, Brooks is a lesser-known. He only managed to lead one record date that was released during his lifetime, and though he did appear on numerous dates as a sideman, was never a member of one of the really visible working bands of the era (as was the case with, for instance, Harold Land, Clifford Jordan, or Hank Mobley), and he never had the blinding technique of Coltrane, Rollins, or Johnny Griffin. But he did have a soulful, vulnerable tone that was arresting even when he was stating melodies, and quite an individual way of building his solos. Brooks was not especially known as a composer, but the minor-to-major blues line “One For Myrtle” is a great little tune, which he recorded on his last date, in 1961, but which only appeared on record in 1985. Guitarists who have worked with the traditional blues repertoire may note that this number utilizes basically the same chord progression as Blind Blake’s “Rope Stretchin’ Blues,” which is very similar to Gary Davis’s “Hesitation Blues.”

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