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The Happenings

Sheet Music - PDF Download 2 pages, advanced level

MP3 is included with download

“The Happenings” was the only blues tune written by the great pianist/composer Herbie Nichols, and though his only recording of it is lost, it has become a fairly popular piece to cover for the growing number of musicians interested in performing Nichols’ work. This probably owes to it being less challenging than most of his other compositions, though the progression is by no means standard. But people like to play “The Happenings” because it has an engaging character, humorous and quirky. Nichols took inspiration for this one from Prokofiev’s march from the Love For Three Oranges Suite, and often quoted it in performing the tune. (Indeed, another instrument can play this little theme over the first four bars of the “Pretty Baby” variation here, to good effect.)

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