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Baker’s Dozen

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A compilation of 13 tracks from The Waltz Lesson, Amnesia in Trastevere, The County Set and Shades of Blue

Also available as Music and tablature Book



Track Listing:

From The Waltz Lesson (Les Cousins LC11, Duck Baker Trio):

01 Tiziano

02 Lefty and Me (also on The County Set)

03 The Waltz Lesson

04 Baker's Dozen (also on The County Set)


From Amnesia in Trastevere (Les Cousins LC114, Duck Baker Trio):

05 Keep the Faith

06 Ode to Jo

07 Shiftless


From The County Set (Southern Summer SSCDFL017):

08 Solace

09 Thursday The 12th


From Shades of Blue (Fulica 102):

10 Slippin' and Slidin' (Duck Baker Trio)

11 Rusty Jones (Duck Baker & Ken Emerson)

12 U Mest Mutrein (Duck Baker Trio)

13 Buddy Bolden's Blues (Duck Baker & Ken Emerson)

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