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2300 Skiddoo

Sheet Music, PDF Download, 3 pages, advanced level
MP3 is included with purchase

This is one of Herbie Nichols’ most delicious compositions, and one of the most perplexing in a way, because the harmonic structure is so much more complex than one would suppose from just listening to it. One thing that’s serendipitous about arranging it for guitar is the fact that the last repeated phrase we find at bars 31-33 works well in the key of E on the high string, and playing it in E also gives us the E7#9 shape familiar not only the jazz guitarists but blues and rock players, who associate it with Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze”. Much of the rest of the arrangement works out of shapes familiar to jazz guitarists as well. The passage at the end of A3 noted above is probably the one that requires the most attention, along with bar 30, just before it. Duck Baker would definitely use the thumb to fret the low F we see in the repeated passage, as using the index finger is impossible as the passage is written; it is being used for the pull-off on the high string. Players who really can’t use the thumb should probably change the pull-off from the second fret of the high string to the first to a slide so that the last pull-off to the open-high string is made with the middle finger, thus allowing time for the index finger to get over for the F on the bass string.

The midi mp3 generated by Sibelius was insufficient for a guide track here, so we are including an edited version of the performance on Baker’s recording of Nichols tunes, Spinning Song.

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