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Blue Skies

Blue Skies 

Sheet music - PDF download, 2 pages

Intermediate advanced level

MP3 guide track included with download


One of Irving Berlin’s most popular songs, “Blue Skies” was written in 1926 for a musical called “Betsy.” The show was poorly received and quickly forgotten, but this song was an immediate success and has never gone out of favor. It’s pretty much the standard for this type of chord progression, working from the minor chord through the minor major 7th, the minor 7th, and on down chromatically, resolving on the relative major. I think I learned it from a Chick Webb record, but it’s the kind of song that people my age would have heard often enough growing up for it to have always been familiar. I have performed this arrangement fairly often over the years, especially with other musicians, but I have never recorded it.

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