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I’m In Love All Over Again

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“I’m In Love All Over Again” is another number Duck Baker was playing for many years before recording it (for The Preacher’s Son, in 2010, though it wasn’t released until 2017). For most of that time he didn’t even know the title, because it was listed incorrectly (as “She’s Crying For Me”) on the LP he learned if from. It was recorded by trumpeter Wingy Manone in 1935, and it turns out that this was shortly after it was sung by a young Ann Sothern in a film called Hooray For Love. As it happens, this film is remembered by jazz fans, not for Sothern or this song, but for a brief appearances by Fats Waller and Bill “Bojangles” Robinson. Despite it’s obscurity, “I’m In Love All Over Again” is a very strong and memorable tune, and lots of fun to play.

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