American Fingerstyle Guitarist

Light Blue

Sheet Music, PDF Download, 3 pages, advanced level
A midi MP3 guide track is included with purchase

A curious fact about this fascinating composition is that Monk’s only studio version of it was not released until 2017 (on Les Liaisons Dangereuses), though at least ten live versions have been appeared on record over the years. Probably the best known version remains the first to be released, which was recorded at the Five Spot in New York with the great Johnny Griffin on tenor. The tune represents an odd challenge for improvisers in seeming at first to be in the key of F and then in C. Duck Baker based his version on an arrangement by his friend Michele Calgaro. Because it is a short tune, he decided to transcribe two improvised choruses, but rather than use his recorded version opted to transcribe the first two choruses from the live performance at The Bop Shop in Rochester, NY in 2018 (which can be seen at, the transcribed part beginning at the 2:02 mark). These choruses are much easier and more useful for students than the more abstract solo on Duck Baker Plays Monk. A few very minor changes were made for the transcription, just to make it more approachable for students.

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