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Mr. Jelly Roll Soul

Mr. Jelly Roll Soul

Sheet music - PDF download, 2 1/2 pages

Intermediate advanced level

MP3 guide track included with download


“Mr. Jelly Roll Soul” was written by the great Charles Mingus for his 1959 record Blues And Roots, but it was a departure from Mingus’s usual writing style. Both the original version and this arrangement are more about earlier jazz styles than modern jazz, as we might expect from an homage to Jelly Roll Morton.

I recorded this as a duo with John Renbourn, on my 1989 CD A Thousand Words. John played a counter-melody that was also on Mingus’s original recording, but I think the melody I play stands well enough of its own. I also transcribed my part of the variation John and I worked out, and filled this in somewhat to make it work better as a solo arrangement. John and I toured together quite a bit in those days and worked up a fair number of arrangements, but the three duo tracks on A Thousand Words are the only studio recordings we ever made.

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