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Old Fashioned Love

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“Old Fashioned Love” is one of the best known and most durable of all James P. Johnson songs. We remember Johnson is the dean of the Harlem “stride” pianists of the late ragtime and early jazz era, and as mentor to Fats Waller. He was also a wonderful accompanist whose playing enhanced the recordings of many an early blues singer, most notably Bessie Smith, and he wrote every kind of music from piano rags to show tunes to symphonic works. “Old Fashioned Love” was published in 1923 and became an overnight success with jazz, pop, and blues singers. Bob Wills imported it into the world of Western Swing and Country in 1935 and recordings by the likes of Cliff Bruner and Roy Acuff soon followed. Though Duck Baker never recorded it until 2004, it was in his repertoire from the late 1960s on, and has been covered by many other guitarists as well. It’s what you call a “standard.”

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