American Fingerstyle Guitarist

Portrait Of Ucha

Sheet Music, PDF Download, 3 1/4 pages, advanced level
A midi MP3 guide track is included with purchase

Herbie Nichols recorded this compelling tune on his Bethlehem record Love, Gloom, Cash, Love. When Duck Baker arranged it for guitar, he asked Roswell Rudd, who had played with Nichols and studied his music at depth, who or what “Ucha” was. Roswell laughed and replied that she was “a really crazy lady” whom Herbie “never really got over”. Armed with that information and the knowledge that Nichols was deeply into the music of Jelly Roll Morton, Duck Baker decided to use a bass line to bring what Morton called “the Spanish tinge” into Herbie’s portrait of his crazy lady. This is an advanced arrangement but the most difficult passages probably come in the first few measures, and do at least involve stretches from a familiar shape, the basic G minor barre chord.

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