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Where The Morning Glories Grow

Sheet music - PDF download, 3 pages, intermediate advanced level

MP3 is included with download

This is one of two songs that Carmen Baker used to sing as lullabies to her grandchildren when we were growing up in the 1950s. I assume she sang them to our father in the 1920s, too. Both this and “Mammy’s Little Coal Black Rose”, her other lullaby, were written by the great songwriter, Richard Whiting, though she probably didn’t know this. Though never a very well-known song, it proved fairly durable, finding it’s way into the repertoires of old-time country bands, swing bands, and cowboy crooners. I recorded it as an instrumental on a CD I did with Molly Andrews, and this is basically a transcription of that recording (which is also available as an MP3 elsewhere on this site).

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