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0015 – Doing the New Lowdown

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Doing the New Lowdown

I learned to play swing after I moved to San Francisco in 1973. In fact I remember that, one the way across country, I stopped off in Boulder, Colorado to stay with my friend Dan McCorison, who was living there and playing in a great western swing band, Dusty Drapes and his Dusters, and that Dan and I visited the other guitarist in that band, Don DeBacker, and we tried to jam on Django’s “Swing 42” from the progression in a book. Not long after landing in SF, I met Thom Keats, who was looking for someone to play swing with. Thom showed me the basics of swing chording and we formed a duo, eventually working up something like a hundred tunes while playing in little places around town for tips, most memorably The Green Earth on Market Street. At some point horn players started sitting it with us, then taking us around to hear and sit in with other Bay Area trad and swing jazz players. Eventually the two of us would get hired by some of these guys when there was no piano at a gig. I first heard “Doing the New Lowdown” when we drove out and sat in with a ad hoc group lead by pianist Ray Shelbred and the wonderful cornetist Jim Goodwin, and this tune was called, so I just followed along. They were calling themselves the Port Costa Yetti Chasers, as I recall. Around this time, these older musicians got Thom and I interested in the great Argentinian guitarist, Oscar Alemen, and I probably learned the melody off of his recording of it.

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