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0022 – I’ll See You In My Dreams

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This tune was given a very different treatment by the immortal Merle Travis, and his arrangement is among his best-loved by guitarists who play in the thumbpicking style Travis's music epitomized. But I had yet to hear that version when I encountered a recording of the tune by Fletcher Henderson's band, which featured the young Louis Armstrong, in 1925. I think this arrangement dates from the late 1970s, and may have marked the first time I had ever used the Drop-D tuning to play in any key apart from D and D minor. It is an unusual swing arrangement for me in that it is basically played straight, with no improvisation. But in fact, there isn't very much improv on the Henderson recording, either. I recorded this on my third Kicking Mule record,  The King of Bongo Bong, and revisited it 25 years later, on Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans.

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