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0026 – Limehouse Blues

Sheet Music - PDF Download, 1 3/4 pages, intermediate advanced level

MP3 is included with download

This old pop song seemed familiar to me the first time I ever heard a jazz version (by either Django Reinhardt or Sonny Rollins, as I recall). But maybe I heard swing versions on the radio as a kid, back before there was supposed to be any good music on the radio (ha!). It was written by Douglas Furber and Philip Braham for the London musical stage star, Gertrude Lawrence, in 1922, and has been popular ever since. Jazz musicians picked up on it early and have never tired of it. I started playing in when I was working in swing groups in San Francisco in the 1970’s, and had a solo version of it by the end of that decade, though it has evolved over the years.

Duck Baker

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