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0037 – Walking My Baby Back Home

Sheet Music - PDF Download, 2 1/4 pages, intermediate advanced level

MP3 is included with download

This familiar standard has always been associated in my mind with Maurice Chevalier’s corny but charming recording of it, and I worked this version up some time in about 1977. I remember a funny story about it, from those days. I was living in the States but coming to England regularly to tour both the UK and Europe, and to make records for Stefan Grossman’s Kicking Mule label, and would start the trip by staying with him at his house in Fulham. Very often there would be other musicians staying there, too, who were in London for the same reasons as I was, or just to visit. On one such occasion the great jazz/blues/R&B guitarist Mickey Baker was there when I arrived, and that night when the guitars came out and Stefan asked what I was working on, I played this arrangement. When I got to the coda, with that 9th chord shape that just moves chromatically from Eb down to Ab, Mickey said “What is THAT - your hand looks like a damn spider crawling down the neck!” and I had to laugh. “Hell, Mickey, I got it out of one of your books!” He looked closer and then said “Oh, THAT chord!” I teased him about that every time I saw him after that, which was nothing like often enough, unfortunately.

Duck Baker

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