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0038 – Way Down Yonder in New Orleans

Sheet Music - PDF Download, 2 1/4 pages, advanced level

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Way Down Yonder in New Orleans  

This is one of those songs that is so well known that I knew it long before I started playing the guitar. It was a hit for Freddy Cannon in 1960 but everybody already knew it from the previous generation of pop singers. Interestingly, it was written by a fellow Richmond, Virginia native, the great African American songwriter Henry Creamer, and was featured in a Broadway musical called Spice of 1922. Notable swing-era hits were scored with it by Al Jolson and the Andrews Sisters.

I worked it up sometime in the 1970’s after I had been playing swing with Thom Keats and other San Francisco area musicians, and playing it with them in groups.

Duck Baker

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