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0039 – When I Grew Too Old To Dream

Sheet Music - PDF Download, 2 1/2 pages, intermediate advanced level

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I learned this from guitarist Pat Donohue in Denver in 1977, and do not remember having heard it before then. Later that year I toured Australia for the first and only time, and spent a memorable afternoon jamming with a young guitarist name of Tommy Emmanuel. Like me, he was very impressed with the harmonic progression that first occurs in bars 9-12, where the chords descend while the melody goes up. It was a long time after that before anyone outside of Aus know of Tommy, but of course he has made up for that in recent years. He started showing up at the annual convention of the Chet Atkins Apreciation Society in Nashville in the late 1990’s, when I was attending on an annual basis. So, the first year we were both there, I sought him out and tapped him on the shoulder as he was waiting in the wings to go onstage. He turned, saw me, grinned, and starting playing this tune just as we had done that afternoon in Sydney, just about 20 years earlier. I should mention that the version here is a little more involved than the way I played it back then; the ascending chords at the beginning, for example, were a later modification.

Funnily enough, Pat Donohue dropped it from his repertoire not very long after he showed it to me. But I’ve had fun with it ever since, playing it solo, and sometimes with the very fine west coast guitarist Bob Wilson, who worked out a second part.

Duck Baker

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