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Pareto Sketches LP

This Limited Edition LP contains 12 tracks from the 21 that comprise the 2-CD, complete version of Pareto Sketches. The audiophile, LP version is pressed on 180 gram vinyl and is offered on a limited basis while supplies last. This project involved new compositions by Duck Baker, as performed by himself and several Italian musicians. Michele Calgaro, Val Bonetti and Davide Mastrangelo were the main participants besides Baker, with mandolinist Massimo Gatti joining for duets on four numbers. Producer Luigi Maramotti shows his mettle as a guitarist on one of the duos with Gatti.

LP track listing:

Side One:
DEJA VOUTY (Duck Baker & Michele Calgaro) 3:54 
ONE FOR T-BONE  (Val Bonetti & Davide Mastrangelo)     3:40
COSTANZA (Davide Mastrangelo & Massimo Gatti)     2:59
HELEN (Duck Baker) 3:02    
MIKI AND LOU (Davide Mastrangelo) 2:54
MAKING ENDS MEET (Duck Baker & Massimo Gatti)  3:52

Side Two:
LOSERS KEEPERS (Val Bonetti) 3:33
THE CORNER  (Val Bonetti & Davide Mastrangelo) 2:50  
ASKING TOO MUCH (Val Bonetti & Massimo Gatti) 3:29
238,857 MILES  (Duck Baker & Michele Calgaro)        4:32
PARETO WALTZ   (Luigi Maramotti & Massimo Gatti)  3:40 
THE NORTH SIDE OF BROAD (Michele Calgaro)  3:25

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Also available on CD and as PDF download Music book

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